Regina Shanklin

Marketing Executive

RD Shanklin & Associates

"I was extremely lucky to have Michelle on my team at Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare (now Wellness). She was invaluable resource to the clients we served. Michelle is smart, thorough and was always willing to go above and beyond to meet client needs. She is a true partner and a joy to work with."

Gwendolyn Zeno

Senior Healthcare Strategy and Marketing Professional

CVS Caremark Corporation

"I had the opportunity to work with Michelle when she was an account executive. Her unique talents include the ability to immerse herself in new projects so that she thoroughly understands the market and product and can identify ways of standing out against the competition. Michelle is also self-critical and consistently strives to improve her professional skills, so that she can provide greater value to her company and clients. This is key for any communications-oriented role."

Erin Byrne

VP and CTO, Data and Devices Business Unit

TE Connectivity

"Michelle and I started within weeks of each other at TargetRx, part of a Marketing team expansion. Michelle quickly developed an integrated messaging strategy, managed the interfaces with our Communications and PR agencies, and led lead generation campaigns. She kept everyone in the loop and delivered quality creative output."

Leslie Huckins McCarey

Marketing Strategist


"As a key member of the account services team, Michelle was responsible for managing the creative process to ensure the deliverables exceeded client expectations. In addition to being committed to the end-result, she also effectively balanced the needs of the agency team."

Martin Baeck

Communications Specialist

Pfizer, Inc.

"Michelle is an excellent communications person, with skills in strategic development, planning and development."

Karl Soehnlein, Ph.D.

Council Member

Palisades Nature Association

"Michelle is a highly competent, credible, and confident communication’s professional, who continues to seek and apply new knowledge. She is passionate about what she believes in and committed to making a difference in her world. She is always looking for innovative ways to lead and communicate her ideas. She is an excellent writer and a hard worker. I have the pleasure of knowing and working with her for the past seven years. We met when she was a student in Seton Hall University’s Master of Arts in Strategic Communication & Leadership program and have continued as friends and colleagues ever since."

Pat Kuchon, Ph.D.


Seton Hall University

"Michelle is a bright and responsible professional whose focus, organization skills and results-oriented approach to her responsibilities are assets that will contribute to the success of any business or organization. "